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Hey everyone come and check out our new sub site which houses all the greatest deals on discount steam games and gaming gear!

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Aw, i’m sorry that you opted out of donating to SkinYourSteam. :( That’s ok though, we just urge you to reconsider… every little bit helps, even $1. :)

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Thank you for donating to SkinYourSteam! We highly appreciate it, the fact that you’d take your money to aid in SkinYourSteam staying up for years to come is what motivates us to continue providing for our visitors, specifically to our visitors… like you!

Hopefully you left how you’d like to be credited for your generous donation in the previous Paypal page, if not, that’s alright! Simply leave a comment below with your paypal transaction id and the proper info for crediting you, and your name will be placed below with other donors.

Thank you so much, once again. :)

Thank You, Donors

Below is a list of credited donors for our fundraising campaign.

Marcus Tevin, $3

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